Dog Raincoats

Small Dog Waterproof Coat

Dogs still need to be walked, even when it’s raining. A growing number of pet owners are investing in coats to keep their fur babies dry. This cute yellow slicker comes in small and medium, and has a special opening so you can attach the leash. It stays in place with a fashionable belly strap.

Yellow Dog Rain SlickerYellow Dog Rain Slicker


Neon Dog Vest

This is a classy neon vest that protects your pet from oncoming cars, as well as the elements. It’s added peace of mind if you take your dog for a walk when it’s dark. Or, you can put it on your pooch if you go hunting. This vest has Velcro straps that make it easy to put on and easy to take off. This is a size small vest, recommended for dogs that weight between 18 to 30 pounds and measure about 12 inches from neck to tail.

Neon Dog Rain VestNeon Dog Rain Vest


Extra Large Dog Raincoat

This classy slicker has a reflective panel on the back, for added safety, especially if you are out walking on a rainy night. Made by Guardian, it comes in several sizes, including extra small, medium, large and extra extra large. The medium will fit a dog that measures between 12 to 16-inches along the length of his back.

Dog Rain SlickerDog Rain Slicker