Dog Doorbell

Dog Training Doorbells

A growing number of pet owners are using “Doggie Doorbells,” so their dogs can let them know when they want to go out and when they want to be let in. You can use either one, or two, of these devices, installing them on the inside and outside of a door, at a level a dog can reach with his or her snout. Some dogs, though, may instead choose to hit it with their paw.
This auditory training device helps with housebreaking, as your pet lets you know when it’s time to be let out. It also reduces the likelihood a puppy will get into the habit of scratching at the door.
Pet owners know when the doorbell is rung because a wireless remote inside the house alerts them. You can program this remote for different ring tones.
Many owners teach their dogs to use this bell by pairing it with treats. Dogs are given a treat immediately after using it correctly, or a treat is put in a special compartment behind the yellow circle. Gradually, these treats can be faded out.
This doorbell is designed to be weatherproof and is easy to install, without drilling or screws. It comes with an adhesive that attaches to an inside wall, or the outside of your house near the door. But you may want to think about using  a stronger doubled-sided Velcro instead.

Doggie Doorbell Lets Owners Know

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