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The beauty of these inexpensive crates sold by Midwest iCrate is that they come in a range of sizes. This includes size large, measuring 48 by 30 by 33-inches. The model shown here is a 24-inch crate, which allows your dog room to grow. When he or she is a pup, there is a special divider that comes with the crate, so your dog feels more secure. Also, this divider makes it less likely your dog will use the side of the crate that he doesn’t sleep on to relieve himself.
These crates arrives folded and can be easily set up without the use of special tools. The bottom of the crate is lined with a removable plastic plan for easy cleaning. If you need to move the crate, it can be collapsed and carried with plastic handles, which are included by not shown here.

Other features of the Midwest-iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate include:

  • Secure door latches with slide bolts, to keep your pet safely inside when necessary
  • One-year warranty with ongoing support
  • No sharp corners to protect against injuries
  • Black finish designed for durability

MidWest Dog CrateMidWest Dog Crate