Dog Car Seat Covers

Black Dog Car Seat Covers

Few dogs will turn down a car ride. They love to be on the go, instead of waiting at home for their master to arrive. However, their dirty, muddy paws can ruin an unprotected backseat. You’ll definitely want to protect the life of your seats, especially if they are made of leather, which can easily be torn by your pet’s claws.
The 4Knines car seat cover for dogs is designed not to bunch up as your dog moves around the backseat. It’s also easy to install, and can fit in various size vehicles. The regular size is 54-inches wide, but you can also order it in extra large.
There are various ways to clean this pet car seat cover. If it’s only lightly soiled, you can wipe it with a warm soapy cloth. Or, you can use a vacuum if sand gets on the cover. On a wet day, your dog is likely to drag in mud. So, if the cover gets soiled, it can be laundered in a washing machine.

  • This pet car seat liner attaches with straps to your headrest. It is very easy to install and remove.
  • There are Velcro openings if people ride in the backseat. But these can be closed again to fully protect your car’s upholstery or leather.
  • The 4Knines pet car seat mat comes with a lifetime warranty.

Dog Car Seat CoverDog Car Seat Cover