Camo Clothes for Dogs

camo clothes for dogs

Camo clothing and accessories are very popular right now, for people as well as for dogs.

There seems to be no end to what you can find, in camo fashions, for our pets. There are cute jackets, hoodies, bandanas, leashes, tags, beds, harnesses, vests and more. If you like to wear camo yourself, you’ll probably like it even more on your dog.

Of course, these dog items come in the usual muted shades of green. But there’s also plenty of pink camo apparel for female dogs. In fact, canine camo appears to be such the rage, that it’s difficult to choose from the many available offerings. But here are a few favorites.

Camo Harness Dogs

This is a cute, basic dog harness made with camo fabric. It’s soft and designed for comfort. This harness goes around your dog’s midsection for optimum safety.

Although it’s shown below in camo, it also comes in nearly a dozen other solid colors, including pink, red, teal, green, yellow and orange. This harness is available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra, extra-large.

Camo Pattern Harness for DogsCamo Pattern Harness for Dogs


Canine Camo Hoodie

Your dog will be fashionable, as well as warm, in the hoodie shown below. This has a fleece interior, to keep the wind off his back as he hikes through the woods, or strolls down city streets. This 100 percent cotton hoodie comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra, extra-large.

Dog clothing sizes seem to run differently, according to the manufacturer. This outfit seems to run a little large.

Camo Hoodie for DogsCamo Hoodie for Dogs


Camo Dog Collar

Many camo accessories come in pink, including this dog collar with a camo bone design. Fashioned from polyester, this high-quality collar is made in America.

This collar is designed to stay on your pet, regardless of efforts to escape, which is an important safety feature. For this reason, this collar is designed specifically for walks, and for training purposes. The product description refers to it as a “humane choke collar.”

Pink Camo Collar for DogsPink Camo Collar for Dogs


Camo Dog Bandana

This adjustable bandana comes in sizes small, medium and large. It is handmade from high-quality cotton material, and is easy to put on your pet and is also designed to be easy to remove it from your around your dog’s neck.

Camo Bandana for DogsCamo Bandana for Dogs


White Camo Dog Bed

If camo is your dog’s theme, he or she will love this soft, comfy white camo bed, which comes in small, medium, large and extra large. This bed is handmade from recycled plastic bottles.

White Camo Dog BedWhite Camo Dog Bed