CoQ10 For Dogs With Heart Murmur

CoQ10 for dogs with heart murmur

A few years ago, a vet noticed that our elderly dog might have a heart murmur. However, she couldn’t really tell because he was so upset at being in a place where other dogs were barking.

Bringing him back in for another exam when he was calmer was not an option. That’s because he’s never going to relax at the vet. So it was pointless.

We adopted our dog from a shelter at the age of three.┬áHe was never properly socialized, and does terrible when he’s around other dogs, although he’s made a wonderful family pet.


Is CoQ10 Good for Dogs?

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Anyway, the vet gave us the very good advice of not to take him on runs anymore, because of this potential problem, we didn’t hear about a useful supplement that could possibly protect the health of his heart, or at least prevent it from further damage.

Of course, if I had wanted her to, the vet could have run a lot of tests that would have been very stressful on our pet. Because he was having no other symptoms, I politely declined.

That’s because the only solutions are a little bit of exercise and a good diet that includes high-quality grain-free kibble and some raw organic meat. Or dangerous and risky open heart surgery, depending upon the extent of the problem, which we wouldn’t want to put him through. (The part about the grain-free kibble was written a few years ago. Our dog now eats organic canned food because he’s so much older.)


Can Dogs Take CoQ10?


Update: Our dog is now 16. We know for sure he has a heart murmur because the vet can hear it loud and clear. However, it hasn’t seemed to have affected his longevity. But I need to stress that I’m not a vet or an animal healthcare expert.

Apparently, we made the right decision with our relatively hands off approach. But there’s no way to guarantee this approach with work with every animal. When dealing with a potentially serious condition such as a heart murmur, it’s mandatory to defer to your vet. Your vet should have the final say as to whether your pet should take CoQ10 or any other dietary supplement. I encourage all of my readers to find an holistic minded practitioner they can trust.


CoQ10 for Dogs With Heart Murmur


Our veterinary practice is (in my honest opinion) the best in the area. Most of the vets there are very open to holistic medicine. They even have a veterinary herbalist you can see.

But the vet who originally tentatively diagnosed the problem didn’t metion CoQ10. I wish she had. Because there is some research showing this naturally occurring compound can potentially strengthen the heart, in humans and in dogs. It may also have some use in natural cancer treatment too.


Where To Find CoQ10 for Dogs


Our dog was recently diagnosed with a malignancy on his lower eyelid. He takes CoQ10 every day, because we’re hoping it can boost his immune system. (We’re also doing homeopathy and giving him medicinal mushrooms. So far so good, because the tumor seems to be shrinking.)

In fact, some holistic vets recommend CoQ10, a natural vitamin-like substance, to all elderly dogs, and certainly to those with known or suspected heart disease. (This is why it’s so important to find a good vet who’s open to holistic medicine.) If you can’t find canine CoQ10 locally, it’s available online.

CoQ10 For DogsCoQ10 For Dogs


These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Pregnant dogs should not take dietary supplements unless approved by a vet.

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