Cheap Pet Supply Online

cheap pet supply online

The pet care market is booming. This year, Americans will spend in excess of $60 billion on their furry and feathered companions, according to the American Pet Products Association. This figure is nearly double what was spent just a decade ago.


Cheap Pet Supply Online


There is now a mind-boggling array of dog products available, ranging from organic kibble to double-decker dog houses to covered strollers for arthritic pets. These items are sold by an equally dizzying number of vendors. In addition to Petco and Petsmart, you’ll find a wide range of animal-care products at many of the large retailers, such as Chewy, which sells a large selection of low-cost dog supplies. In fact, there are so many places to find pet products that it becomes difficult narrowing down the options.

But this is also good news for the consumer. Stiff competition means lower prices on dog care necessities.


Cheapest Discount Dog Supplies


If you’re shopping online, for big ticket items, such as dog houses or crates, make sure to check out the selections at Walmart before looking elsewhere. In fact, Walmart has pages of dog houses, in all different styles, from simple resin-molded styles to high-end Victorian. It even carries the hard-to find extra large dog houses – cheap.

In browsing through the Walmart dog supplement offerings, I saw a lot of brands that I wouldn’t give my own dog, because they contain chemicals instead of real nutrients. But I also uncovered some gems, such as Vet’s Best products and Grizzly Salmon Oil. However, unlike the dog houses, the prices weren’t all that competitive.


Natural Dog Vitamins Supplements


If you’re like me, you want to keep your pet around as long as possible. We baby and pamper our 16-year-old Cocker Spaniel, because we know that feeding him good nutritious grain-free food (a necessity at his age) and using natural remedies instead of drugs offers us our best chance at keeping him healthy.

We regularly treat his various medical conditions with homeopathy. Recently, for instance, when he developed conjunctivitis, we were able to quickly halt this process with a well-chosen homeopathic remedy. (We happen to have an excellent homeopath who knows how to treat people, and animals.)

One of the best places to buy natural dog supplements is Chewy, which offers great deals on just about everything it sells, including this 32-ounce pump bottle of Grizzly Salmon Oil, which many people now give to their dogs, because it’s rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids.This oil is derived from wild Alaskan salmon. Click to View Price.

Grizzly Salmon Oil for DogsGrizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs