Where Can I Buy Victor Flea Traps?

where can I buy Victor flea traps

If you’re concerned about your dog’s health, non-toxic flea treatment is something you may want to think about.

There are various ways to keep these nasty little critters away, without heavy duty chemicals that can possibly poison your pet. Chemical flea control products have been linked to animal seizures, brain damage and even death, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

In one five-year period alone, the CPI noted that flea products were responsible for at least 1,600 pet deaths.

Another group, the¬†Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, found that humans are also exposed to these potentially dangerous chemicals when they’re applied to a family pet.

I’m not claiming I have all the answers to keeping a pet healthy. But, during the time he’s lived with us, our 14-year-old dog has never had a chemical flea product put on his fur. I like to spread the word that there are a number of natural, chemical-free means of flea control you may want to explore if you’re looking for a more non-toxic solution to keeping these pests away.


Where Can I Find Victor Flea Traps?

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One non-toxic flea control solution is the¬†Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap. It has a multi-pronged method of attacking these insects. It has an internal heating and lighting system (powered by a bulb) that, along with a sweet odor, attracts fleas into the trap. Once inside, they’re captured with a strong glue. These traps can be used safely around children, as well as pets. It’s designed to be used in an area where your dog spends a lot of time, like near his bed or near a crate.


Where Can I Buy Victor Flea Traps?


Electronic traps will also attract fleas that are residing in your carpet, according to the product literature. One time shortly after my husband and I were married we had a cat. Our vet at the time told us that if an animal has fleas, a rug becomes a “flea factory.”

Victor Flea TrapVictor Flea Trap


The video below explains who these traps work, and also shows the end result, when fleas enter the trap.

Non Toxic Ways to Get Rid of Fleas


I am passionate about non-toxic flea control. Even before I was aware of just how many animals have been injured, I instinctively knew not to use potentially hazardous chemicals on my dog. I’ll admit this also had to do with the fact I had children, and didn’t want them to play with our dog after he’d been doused with chemicals. Now, I’m so glad we avoided these potential toxins.

If you’re interested in natural pest control, here are some other suggestions for keeping fleas away.


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