Best Dog Food On A Budget

dog food on a budget

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What is the best food to feed your dog if you’re on a tight budget?

The answer may surprise you. That’s because it isn’t dog food. Instead, it’s healthy people food.

Your dog can subsist quite nicely on table scraps, provided it’s made from real food. Of course, any dietary changes should be discussed with your vet, especially if your dog has digestive issues. Also, pleaseĀ understand that I’m not an animal healthcare expert. Instead, I’m just a dog Mom trying her best.

My Cocker Spaniel is now 15. We’re trying to keep him healthy by feeding him organic people food. Much of the time, these table scraps would go to waste anyway. When I’m cutting chicken, he stands by the counter. That’s because he knows that any inedible parts go right in his food bowl.

I have no qualms about giving my dog raw chicken. That’s because the chicken I buy was raised without hormones. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable doing this otherwise, because of the possibility of super bugs.

However, I do need to stress that this article is my personal opinion only. I’m not an animal healthcare expert. So all feeding questions should be directed to your vet. Never change a pet’s food without consulting your vet. This is especially true if your dog has digestive problems.


Best Dog Food on a Budget


The “cheapest” way to feed a dog is to buy some inexpensive kibble and supplement with table scraps, which you’re going to throw away anyway However, watch out for that kibble. It may be the most expensive way to feed an animal.

That’s because kibble is not the best diet for a dog, according to various health experts. One problem is that this dried food is low on meat and heavy on grains. This is not a natural diet for a dog. It can potentially lead to health problems. Then, you’ll have to deal with veterinary visits. Plus, you don’t want the heartbreak of having a sick pet.


Good People Food For Dogs


Corn is a key ingredient in kibble. Oftentimes, if you check the label, it’s the very first ingredient.

Nearly all of the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified. If you buy a processed food item made with corn, you can assume it contains GMOs, unless it says otherwise.

Mainstream media news outlets have not done a good job informing us of what’s happened to our food supply. A growing number of countries around the world now ban American corn imports. That’s due to the rising concern that genetically modified food is dangerous.

One group of French researchers found that lab rats who ate GM corn developed huge tumors. Consequently, I try to keep genetically modified food out of my of house. I also try to keep it out of the dog bowl.


Healthy People Food For Dogs


Another health benefit to supplementing with people food is that this allows for more variety. Feeding the same type of kibble, day in and day out, does not.

Real food contains enzymes, antioxidants and trace minerals. Most kibble doesn’t . The are exceptions. We did use an excellent brand of kibble for months, in order to transition our dog (and us) to a grain free diet. He did very well on this, until he totally lost his taste for it. Now, because he’s so old, we feed him a lot of people food. This is what he likes. At this point, we just want to make him happy, and keep him around as long as possible.

Keep in mind there are certain foods that dogs cannot eat. This includes chocolate, onions and raisins. Do an Internet search for a more complete list.


Food to Cook For Dogs


So, anyway, right now, you’re probably wondering what to cook for your dog. Basically, with some exceptions, what’s good for people is also good for canines. Dogs love sweet potatoes. (We make sure to save the skins for our dog.) They can also eat meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. Right now, blueberries are in season. Our dog loves them.

The one rule of thumb is not to give your dog junk food. Hopefully, though, that’s not what you’re eating for dinner.

Anyway, the cheapest way to feed your dog is to give him the leftovers that no one else would eat anyway, as long as they’re made from real food.

If you’re looking to save money on your entire grocery bill, you might be interested in a meal planning service called Real Plans. This is designed to cut down on buying things you don’t need, while helping you put healthy food on the table. It’s also meant to greatly reduce the amount of food you throw away. Most importantly, it can also spare you from having to get takeout, because you have nothing for dinner.

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what to cook for your dog