Bach Flower Rescue Remedy For Dogs

Bach flower Rescue Remedy for dogs

Many people take a homeopathic formula known as Rescue Remedy during periods of intense stress. It’s believed this can help buffer the shock of hearing bad news. For me, at least, it seems to usher in a sense of peace and calm.

Rescue Remedy is something we have in our house. I’m glad it’s available. Recently, I heard some unsettling news. Once I caught my breath, I reached for this now famous formula.

My distressing situation hasn’t changed. But I do believe this formula helped cushion the blow. Now I feel calmer. God will come to my assistance. I may not see immediate results. But He will answer my prayers.

Holistic healers often recommend Rescue Remedy for incidents such as this. It can also be given to animals, and comes in a special version made just for pets.


Bach Flower Essences for Pets

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Please understand that I’m not an animal health professional. I can’t give medical advice, so you’ll need to discuss all health issues with your vet. But I can share my own experience with Rescue Remedy.

One scenario in which Rescue Remedy might be given to a dog is before a vet visit. Going to the groomer can also be nerve wracking. (I know my own dog shakes when I bring him to be groomed.) Some dogs get very agitated if they’re in the presence of a larger animal (my dog does), or during a loud storm. This is when someone might decide their pet needs something to take the edge off.

Rescue Remedy was developed in the early 1900’s Dr. Edward Bach, MD, a famous British homeopath. It’s known as one of his “flower essences.”

These essence remedies are made by combining spring water with flower petals. Then, the preparation is either left in the sun or warmed in another manner. The essences are then preserved with alcohol or glycerin.


Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Dogs


Dr. Bach spent long hours studying the effects various flowers had on the human psyche. He believed emotions have a profound influence on physical health. Negative emotions, he insisted, can lead to disease.

While still young, Dr. Bach was diagnosed with “terminal” cancer. He was told he had a short time to live.

Wanting to leave a legacy, he ignored illness and threw himself into his work. Amazingly, he soon became cancer free, and lived many more years in good health. He believed being so focused on his research gave him a purpose in life, which appears to have brought about his recovery.

Dr. Bach died in 1936. He left behind a legacy of flower essences, including Rescue Remedy. Here is the special version made for pets.


Rescue Remedy Formula for PetsRescue Remedy Formula for Pets


Rescue Remedy is probably the best known of Dr. Bach’s creations. Our family homeopath says to never give more doses of a remedy than our needed, even if you’re taking a flower remedy. She says if one dose solves the problem, don’t repeat it unless the effects wear off.


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  1. Dog lady I am worried about our dog she acts like she see something but we can not see do you think that oil would help her she stays up most of the night she is 3 years old she is a pomarian

    1. Hi Irene, I’m definitely not a trained animal healthcare expert, just a dog Mom. So I can’t give any medical advice. I do not think an essential oil will help with that. My best suggestion is to talk to your vet, and also see if you can bring her to a veternary homeopath. That’s what I would do if it were my dog.

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