Adding Olive Oil To Dog Food

adding olive oil to dog food

Olive oil is filled with immune boosting and anti-inflammatory compounds.

It’s good for people, as well as for dogs.

This superfood also contains cancer-fighting substances.

In one study involving malignant cells in a lab, an active compound found in olive oil killed these cells without harming healthy cells. It accomplished this in about a half hour.


Adding Olive Oil to Dog Food


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We all need enough healthy Omega-3 essential fatty acids in our diet. These healthy fats fight excess inflammation, which fuels disease and degeneration.

live oil is rich in Omega-3’s, which counter the preponderance of Omega-6 oils we tend to consume too much of.

Timing and quantity makes a difference. One online vet noted that olive oil can combat dry skin, but recommended your dog eat no more than 1/2 teaspoon at a time, drizzled on food. You can add this to your dog’s diet twice a day. Too much olive oil could cause diarrhea.

But check with your vet before making any diet changes.

Especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

I’d be hesitant about adding olive oil to the diet of a dog with digestive problems, or giving it to a dog with chronic diarrhea, unless your vet gives the green light.


Should Dogs Eat Olive Oil?


Here are five reasons your dog should be consuming pure natural olive oil, as a healthy source of calories and as an overall health tonic.

  1. Olive Oil Fights Cancer. There are a number of identified compounds in olive oil with potent cancer-fighting properties. Canine cancer is a huge health problem. Currently, half of all dogs that reach the age of 10 will be diagnosed with this killer disease. However, olive oil is not magic. It should also be used in conjunction with other healthy practices, such as non-toxic flea control, reducing exposure to household and lawn chemicals and a good diet. If you have a holistic vet, discuss the idea of putting your pet on a non-GMO diet.
  2. Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation. We all (dogs included) need a little inflammation in our bodies. The inflammatory reaction is necessary if we have a wound that needs to be repaired, for instance. However, excess inflammation spells trouble. Olive oil can counteract this disease-causing process.
  3. Skin Conditioning. Olive oil, applied both externally and consumed, is an often-suggested home remedy for maintaining a healthy coat and skin.
  4. The Exquisite Taste: Your dog will probably like the taste of olive oil, as it can add a little zest to his meal.
  5. You Already Own It. Olive oil  is something you probably already have in your kitchen. (Or, if you don’t. you probably should.) But make sure it’s 100 percent olive oil that doesn’t come from the Mediterranean basin, where olive oil fraud is a centuries-old industry. Even some of the popular brands on supermarket shelves labeled “100 percent pure” and “extra virgin” can contain questionable additives. So, to play it safe, and to reap all of the health benefits, our family has used locally grown olive oil from California.



Putting Olive Oil in Your Dog’s Food


Putting olive oil in your dog's food