I love sharing information on how you and your pets can live healthier lives. I own an elderly Cocker Spaniel. He has exceeded the average age for his breed. (We’re not really sure how old he is, but he’s about 15 years old.)

We hope to keep him around even longer. We believe a grain-free diet is helping immensely. We’re trying hard to keep our aging pet healthy. Nowadays, if any problems arise, we try to treat them holistically. On this site, you’ll find a lot of information on holistic dog care. However, please remember that I’m not an animal care expert. (Just a dog Mom who’s happy to have her pup still around.)

So please discuss any health-related decisions with your vet, since I’m not qualified to offer medical advice. Anyway, everything on this site is presented for discussion purposes only.

Please visit the Holistic Dog Blog for frequently updated tips on keeping your dog healthy. Also, I’m┬áCatholic and I love God. I believe He has given us an amazing array of natural remedies to treat our health problems. as well as those of our pets.